Saturday 6 December 2014 - Great Victorian Bike Ride, Marysville (#106)

Hot Pans on Fire (the combined band) played to one of their largest (and certainly their longest) audiences on Saturday 6 December, when they welcomed over 4000 riders in the 2014 RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride to Marysville. Rising early to get set up before the first riders arrived around 8.30am, the band played for nearly 3 hours non-stop as the riders pedalled through the rain into town.

Once again we are indebted to Dicko for making his truck and trailer available for our use. This time, however, it was set up as a stage at the entrance to town, rather than being used as a moving float.

The plastic tarps on the top and back of the truck and trailer kept us mostly dry, which is more than could be said for the riders entering the town under the watchful eye of photographer Barry Thomas.

Many of the riders stopped to listen to the music, take some photos of the band and Lenny the Leadbeater Possum or have a bit of a dance.

The event was captured on video by Barry Thomas, accompanied by the sounds of Brazil, and put on YouTube.