Saturday 6 December 2014 - Community Christmas Party, Taggerty (#107)

After an afternoon nap to recover from the morning’s concert for the Great Victorian Bike Ride in Marysville, most of the band fronted up again in the evening to play at the annual Community Christmas Party in Taggerty at the Big4 Caravan Park. As this was our last gig for 2014, we took the opportunity to relax a bit and enjoy the festivities. While there was a light drizzle for most of the evening, our two tents kept us mostly dry, while umbrellas were out in force for many of those in attendance. But we enjoyed the food provided and had a couple of drinks, while playing several short sets, then joined in to participate in the Annual Wombat Toss - a highlight of the Taggerty cultural scene. At the end of the night, Lisa and Rita performed a few numbers as darkness fell and the crowd dissipated.