Wednesday 7 May 2014 - St Josephs College Geelong Workshop, Marysville (#91)

For the third year running, St Josephs College Geelong came up to Marysville for their "Resilience Workshop", and asked the band to once again perform for the students, talk about our own resilience experiences, and then conduct a workshop for the boys to learn a little about what's involved in playing the pans. This year saw a change in venue to the Community Church on the site of the old Temporary Village, now that My Chef Mike and Lazy River Cafe are now longer operational. Once again, they took to it like ducks to water, and within half an hour they were playing the pans with gusto and just a little bit of skill, to belt out a recognisable version of Lennox's Little Reggae.

The highlight of the night for the band was playing Bohemian Rhapsody, after some of the students asked for it and promised to sing along. Despite the fact that we had not prepared for it, or practiced it for many weeks, we did a good job (slightly better than the students' singing!!) and managed to keep it all together until the final part that slows down (but no-one had told the students, who kept singing at the same pace as before). A great fun night, featuring a "guest appearance" from Matty James, our drummer.