Thursday 4 September 2014 - Medieval Music Workshop, Moissac (#99)

Today we had another Medieval Music Workshop, this time with Andre Calvet, the father of the proprietor of the MusicZone shop. We started at the abbey, where Andre explained the musical significance and the history of many of the figures in the Tympanum above the entrance to the Abbey.

We then adjourned to the Skraccos Cafe, where we had tea, coffee and cake to celebrate the 15th birthday of 6-bass player Isaac. After that, we moved behind Skraccos to the small theatre in which Andre presented his findings on the history of the design of the medieval musical instruments. Sadly, he didn’t talk about the relationships between the mathematics of the musical instruments and the mathematics of medieval architecture, but there was only so much time available. As on the previous day, Rita did a lot of translation between French and English! To thank Andre, we gave hime a copy of “The First Five Years” and a Recovery CD.

Then, as per normal, we posed for the obligatory group photo.