Monday 1 September 2014 - Fetes de Plaisanciers Concert on the Tarn, Moissac (#97)

After an up-river cruise and Karaoke Night on Saturday, and a down-river cruise on Sunday, it was time on Sunday evening to start setting up for the Fish’n’Chips dinner and the Pans on Fire concert. Unfortunately, Tom Hollows' new barge did not make it to Moissac, having been struck down with a fuel leakage problem in Montauban, so the band would not be playing on the deck of the barge, but would be playing in the Uvarium Park. While Kaz and Iain set up the tables and chairs for the dinner, we set up the band.

There were about 150 people in the audience; 100 from the Fetes de Plaisancers and 50 from the local community.

Once again, Lisa and Rita did a great job filling in between sets with singing and solo pan.