Sunday 8 November 2015 - Marysville Marathon, Marysville (#128)

For the sixth year in a row, they were off and running at the Marysville Marathon, and Pans on Fire were there to provide a little light entertainment for the runners and the audience.

Once gain, RACV were much-appreciated sponsors of the event and the band tents were set up in front of the "Wall of Hands" where the Pans on Fire tablet was displayed.

As the runners approached the finish line we tried to play faster tunes to spur them on. Some took up the challenge and sprinted to the line, while others were just happy to have made the finish line at any speed.

The organisors provided several other forms of entertainment, and the guy on stilits took delight in dancing along to the pan music and then posing for a photo with the band at the end of the day.