Friday 23 October 2015 - Alexandra Acoustica, Alexandra (#126)

After the “bigness” of PANZfest 2015, our next gig was a good example of how gigs with "smallness” can sometimes be very satisfying. Every now and then, the Alexandra musical community gets together at the Library to put on an acoustical evening where acts of various types (but all acoustical) perform for a smallish but enthusiastic audience. The local steelpan community was represented by a small quintet of Rita (soprano), Diane (double seconds), Ruth (baritone), Tony (bass) and James (tchembe). Despite, or perhaps because of, the small size, the sound was very mellow and harmonic. We all enjoyed ourselves, as did the audience. A common feedback comment was “I didn’t think the pans could sound so soft and sweet”. After the opening steelpan performance, there was a range of guitars, singers, fiddles and ukuleles to round out a great evening.

Our recording studio man, and featured guitarist on our first CD, Joe Talia did a great segment using three different types of guitar from his extensive private collection.