Thursday 23 April 2015 - TAFE Teachers Visit (Hot Pans), Marysville (#118)

Tonight we had a very different rehearsal session at Buxton Primary School, when a group of retired TAFE teachers on their annual getaway trip together came to the region and dropped in at practice (by invitation). We played some tunes for them and explained the history and mechanics of the pans, and then joined them all for dinner at the nearby Buxton Hotel (the Bucky Pub) where they were celebrating the 60th wedding anniversary of Patsy and Bob. Despite their age, they sure knew how to party, especially when it came time for Bob to remove a garter from Patsy’s leg with his teeth! We souvenired the garter and it now sits proudly in the new PanYard rehearsal room at Taggerty, as a reminder to grow older with zest.