Sunday 2 November 2014 - Pans & Blues Concert, Crossways Inn, Marysville (#104)

The Melbourne Cup long weekend saw a double concert event at the Crossways Inn in Marysville, with Pans on Fire and Hot Pans playing an outside warm-up act (we could have used some real warming up, given the unseasonably cold weather), before rock and blues band Fats Wah Wah took to the stage indoors to rock away until late at night.

Sadly, Marysville seems to have lost its pub culture over the past 6 years after all the pubs were burnt down in the 2009 fires, and so only a small crowd of perhaps 100 were on hand to witness a night of great rock and blues music. Hopefully, as the town continues to re-build, this culture will return to reward musicians who come up to play for the town.