Saturday 11 April 2015 - Narara Ecoburbia Festival, Central Coast, NSW (#115)

The weekend of April 11-12 saw the first interstate road trip for the bands when members of Pans on Fire and Hot Pans (playing as Hot Pans on Fire) ventured up to Sydney to play a couple of gigs. The first one, on Saturday 11 April, was at the Ecoburbia Sustainability Festival at Narara, near Gosford.

When you are busy playing at a gig, you often don't have time to get good photos. So we are especially grateful to Steve McIntosh for some awesome shots of this wonderful day at the Ecoburbia Festival.

As the organisers of the Ecoburbia Festival are busily involved in the creation of a sustainable village, we hope that our performances were able to show them the value of music creation in bringing a community atmosphere to a group of people involved in a common endeavour (either building a new village or re-building an old village). The fun and sense of community in playing in a band is best illustrated by our Encore performance of Surfin’ USA (check out the “surfer girl” from 1.00 onwards).