Monday 26 January 2015 - Australia Day Parade, Marysville (#109)

Australia Day 2015 saw us performing at the Marysville Parade again, but this time we were not up on Dicko's Truck. Because we were playing as Hot Pans on Fire, there were too many players to fit on the truck. So we set up our tents on the side of the main street and played for all the other floats coming down Murchison Street. The theme this year was Australian Music, and we chose "I've been Everywhere" as our theme, with Lisa and Brian Sillet (husband of soprano player Lyn) singing a specially arranged version of "We'll Play Anywhere".

Direction signs showed many of the places we had played over the past 5 years.

“Leftovers” from last years Moomba Festival were recycled to decorate the tents.

The pans fended for themselves when everyone went down the road to listen to the official proceedings.