Saturday 7 December 2013 - Taggerty Community Xmas Party (Hot Pans), Taggerty (#83)

Hot Pans (and some members of Pans on Fire) played at the Taggerty Community Christmas Party, held at the Big4 Camp Ground on the banks of the Acheron River in Taggerty on Saturday 7 December.

The new venue for the Christmas Party was much better than in previous years, with much more room than near the Taggerty Hall and primary school, allowing ample space for music sites, picnic tables and "wombat tossing". Jammin' also played a few numbers at the beginning of the musical program, followed by James (from Jammin') and Lisa Nolte (from Pans on Fire) displaying some of their singing skills in "Taggerty's Got Talent". In between the two sets from Hot Pans, Santa arrived on the Taggerty CFA fire truck.

To cap off an enjoyable evening, Rita held the winning ticket in the Christmas Hamper raffle. This should ensure a well-catered breakup party for Hot Pans and Pans on Fire this year.