Saturday 30 November 2013 - Blacksmith Tree Launch, Whittlesea Showgrounds (#81)

Pans on Fire (and some members of Hot Pans) had the privilege of playing at the launch of the Blacksmiths' Tree Project at Whittlesea Showgrounds on 30 November.  The Tree Project was a community effort to build a large metal gum tree, using leaves created by blacksmiths from around the world. The Tree Project was created in memory of those who lost the lives, their friends and their belongings in the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires. Given that many of the players in the steel bands had gone though the same experience, it was entirely fitting that they were invited, along with other musical groups, to play at the launch event.

The day turned out to be a magnificent event, with about 600 people in attendance, and a very appreciative audience for the two sets played by the band. The mood of the day was eloquently summerised by one of the audience who sent us the following email:

"I have just returned to suburbia after a most uplifting day at the Blacksmiths Tree Project, and had to let you all know how much I enjoyed your contribution to the day. Wow! I listened to my new CD all the way home and couldn't wipe the smile from my face. It was so lovely to hear acoustic music being performed with such evident enjoyment by a group as diverse as yours.

I'll keep an eye on your Gig Guide for future performances. Keep up the good work. Thank goodness some good things have come out of that terrible day.

Glenis Swindon"