Tuesday 30 October 2012 - Steavenson Falls Lanterns Festival, Marysville (#49)

Another milestone event took place today in Marysville's recovery, when the spotlights were turned on again at Steavenson Falls. A landmark at Marysville for over 40 years, the Falls lighting and hydroelectric plant was wiped out in the February 2009 fires, but have been restored over the past 3 years through tremendous work from the Department of Sustainability and the Environment (DSE) and others. Pans on Fire were honoured to play at the event to welcome the 300 walkers (many with lanterns) who came up the hill from Marysville, and to also play late at night for those waiting for the shuttle buses back down to Marysville.

As always, our good friend Barry Thomas from VideoVision was there to record another event in the ongoing Marysville recovery.