Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 March 2013 - Yackandandah Folk Festival, Yackandandah (#68)

The weekend at the Yackandandah Folk Festival was great. Good weather, good crowds and good music. We started with a twilight performance in the Rotunda in Memorial Park, where many patrons were taking a break for an evening meal.

The limited space inside the Rotunda made for a very cosy performance, which was enjoyed by all.

After the twilight performance, we formed a conga line and shifted all the instruments (and the banners) across the road to the Green Room, in preparation for Sunday morning's show.

Most people then went down to the Main Marquee in the Park, for Nicky Bomba's evening show. This featured a cast of "Random Strangers" that Nicky had recruited at the Festival, including Rita from Pans on Fire. A great performance by all.

Next morning, all were up bright and early for the Sunday morning performance at the Yackandandah School Ampitheatre, in the midst of a bustling morning market.