Saturday 29 October 2011 - Calypso Night, Crossways Inn, Marysville (#26)

The first big gig of the season was the Calypso Night at the Crossways Inn in Marysville, where all three Triangle Community Steelbands played individually and as a massed band. This was followed by the Badjohns playing late into the night.

It had originally been scheduled as an outdoor concert for the TCS bands, but bad weather forced all of the performances to be held indoors (cosy!).

Lennox Jordan and the Badjohns stayed over the weekend and ran a couple of workshops for all the TCS  bands on the Sunday.

The Calypso Night was also used to celebrate Rita's 50th birthday, and she was presented with a special artwork commissioned from local leadlight artist Susan Pickworth (Blossoming Studio), who is also an occasional Pans on Fire player. This artwork was a leadlight depiction of a soprano pan, with the circle of the fifth represented in the colours of the spectrum.