Monday 21 May 2012 - Tintern Concert & Workshop, Tintern Grammar, Ringwood (#46)

On the day after the Dalrymples re-opening, most of the band made their way down to Tintern Grammar School at Ringwood East to do a performance and run a workshop for the kids, who had taken Marysville and Recovery as a theme for their annual school concert, and who were going to learn to perform some pieces on the pans for the concert. A packed school auditorium greeted Pans on Fire for the concert.

After the concert, Werner Egger explained how the pans were made and tuned and then took part in a Q&A session.

Then with some help from Pans on Fire players (and some from Hot Pans), the kids learned their first tune, which they played with confidence by the end of the 30 minute workshop. In subsequent workshops, they learned "Netty Netty" which they played (with some Pans on Fire and Hot Pans players) at their school concert.