Welcome to the website of Triangle Community Steelbands Inc.

This group was established in 2009 after the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires in the Marysville and Triangle District (including Buxton, Narbethong and Taggerty), as a means of facilitating community and social recovery in the region. Since then, four steelbands have been established:

   -   Pans on Fire

   -   Hot Pans

   -   Jammin'

   -   Buxton Primary Steelband

Each of these bands has been started from scratch. With two exceptions, no-one had previously played a steel pan, and most had never even seen a steel pan. Most of the band members had no formal musical training. So it goes to show that anything is possible if you are enthusiastic and committed.

The Jammin’ band disbanded in 2014 after leader Werner Egger went to live in Thailand. In 2016, Pans on Fire and Hot Pans merged into a new Pans on Fire, having previously rehearsed and played together for a year.

This website is designed to let you know more about steel pan bands in general, and specifically about the steelbands in the Triangle region. It contains a description of each of the bands, some examples of their work, and a list of past and future gigs for each of the bands.

If you would like to enquire about Triangle Community Steelbands, or you would like to join one of the bands, or you would like to hire one of the bands for a function, please use our Contact Us page.

We welcome you on our voyage of musical discovery and recovery.

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